The Maastricht Interview (13 & 20 May 2019)

This 2 day practical workshop will look at all aspects of the Maastricht Interview, including:

  • How to conduct the interview .
  • Process the interview into a report.
  • Develop a construct from the report.
  • How to implement the Interview into your practice when working with voice hearers.
  • What are the benefits of using the Maastricht Interview.

The Maastricht Interview was developed by Professor Marius Romme & Sandra Escher for research purposes and revised for use in clinical and community settings when working with voice hearers.

It can help voice hearers overcome the shame and stigma of talking about the voices and encourages them to describe their experiences.

It is also a means of systematically mapping all aspects of the voices to gain more insight in the total history of the voice hearing experience. This will support voice hearers to gain insight into the meaning and function of the voices in their lives.

By creating a better understanding of the voice hearing experience it can alleviate distress, increase coping and support long term recovery outcomes for the voice hearer.

This course is ideal if you:

  • Work with voice hearers in a clinical mental health setting.
  • Work with voice hearers in a community mental health setting.
  • Work with voice hearers in general.


  • $450 ​​Full ​fee
  • $315 Concession/Student fee

We do provide hardship rates please contact Voices Vic to find out more.MI

How do I register?

You can :

  • contact us directly on 9692 9500
  • or go online, via Eventbrite

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