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Uniting Prahran provides a wide range of services for people living with a diagnosis of mental illness or living with extreme economic or social disadvantage.

Our services include:

  • aged care packages
  • emergency relief and material aid
  • employment assistance
  • hearing voices programs
  • individual support packages
  • low cost training
  • pastoral care
  • service engagement supports.

All our services are informed by our clients, and what they tell us about their own recovery goals and support needs.


Uniting Prahran’s Advocacy Statement

‘Uniting Prahran believes that to have a decent life one requires a voice that is heard and respected. It is therefore committed to:

  • Advocating for individual clients’ rights
  • Advocating to reduce stigma and increase awareness and understanding of marginalised and disadvantaged people
  • Advocating for social justice
  • And supporting clients as they advocate for themselves.

Uniting Prahran’s support of advocacy is a reaffirmation of our most fundamental guiding beliefs and practices over the past 65 years and an indispensable recognition of our shared humanity.’

Mr Quinn Pawson, Chief Executive Officer, April 2012

If you need assistance, there are outside organisations who can help:


Uniting Prahran is committed to working with clients to improve the quality of our mental health services. We welcome your feedback.

Feedback can be in the form of a complaint, compliment or suggestion. All of these help us to improve. By giving us feedback you not only give us the opportunity to improve our services for you, but for all people who use Uniting Prahran services.

You can give us your feedback by:

  • filling in a Feedback Form (available below, or from any Uniting Prahran Reception)
  • speaking to any staff member
  • completing the online form, from the Contact page
  • calling our Participation and Quality Services Coordinator on 9692 9500.

Feedback Forms are available here in:

Completed Feedback Forms can be returned to any Uniting Prahran site or posted to:

Uniting Prahran
Attention: Participation & Quality Services Coordinator
PO Box 68
Prahran  VIC  3181

For more information read our Client, Carer and Community Feedback brochure.

If you feel you have not been dealt with fairly, you can contact the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner for independent advice.

Victoria’s Mental Health Complaints Commissioner was established on 1 July 2014. Introduced under the Mental Health Act 2014, the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner is an independent specialist statutory body, with the objective of developing fair and effective resolution of complaints for mental health clients. For more information


Uniting Prahran is committed to client inclusion, and our clients are involved and central to decision making at all levels at Uniting Prahran. Apart from determining their own recovery path, clients assist by:

  • monitoring and evaluating our services
  • providing feedback
  • being included in staff selection panels for service delivery and management positions.

Clients also hold positions on Uniting Prahran’s Board of Governance, and on a range of working groups established to review and improve our service delivery.

Uniting Prahran continually strives to improve the systems which enable clients to influence governance, management and service development decisions. Our client inclusion procedure was developed and facilitated by our clients.

For more information:


Uniting Prahran is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the information clients share with us. The privacy of this information is also protected by law. At all times client information will be treated respectfully and stored securely.

Our processes for managing client’s personal information comply with:

  • the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) – which includes 13 Australian Privacy Principles (refer S1)
  • the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Victoria)
  • the Health Records Act 2001 (Victoria)
  • the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities (2006).

For more information:

Department of Human Services’ Privacy Statements can be accessed here:


Rights & Responsibilities

Uniting Prahran works to protect and promote client rights. We believe that every person who receives a service or participates in our programs and activities has the right to receive a safe, high quality service where people are treated with respect and without discrimination.

For more information:

Mental Health Act 2014

Victoria’s new Mental Health Act 2014

Victoria’s Mental Health Act 2014 (the Act) came into effect on 1 July 2014 and is now the law governing mental health assessment and treatment in Victoria. It aims to better protect the rights of people who use mental health services.

As a result of the new Act, changes have been made to the way mental health services are delivered to clients in Victoria.

For more information: