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How to support us

Uniting Prahran is grateful for any form of support it receives. Some ways to support Uniting Prahran are by financial donations and contributions to its programs.

These can take the form of:

  • a one-off financial donation
  • monthly direct debit from credit card
  • special appeals, such as our Winter Breakfast Program, or Christmas Appeal
  • corporate sponsorship
  • community group support
  • bequests
  • grants
  • volunteering time and expertise
  • material goods and furniture for our Goodwill Shop
  • contribution to our emergency relief program.

All donations are used to support the work of Uniting Prahran in its delivery of services to people experiencing poverty, homelessness, social or economic disadvantage, or who are living with a mental illness.

How can I make a donation?

  • Call Uniting Prahran on 9692 9500, and have your credit card details handy
  • Donate online to support our services – Donate Now
Uniting Prahran is a registered charity with The ACNC’s
Tick of Charity Registration.
ACNC Registered Charity Tick



Leaving a gift in your Will – a lasting legacy

A Bequest or Legacy is a gift nominated in a legal Will. Uniting Prahran has a well established bequest program. Funds from bequests enable us to support programs and services that do not receive government funding. This allows us to be innovative and flexible in our approach to providing much needed services.

Once you’ve made provisions for your family and loved ones, please consider including Uniting Prahran in your Will. By leaving a gift in your Will, you will really make a difference – helping people who are experiencing poverty, homelessness, social or economic disadvantage, or who are living with a mental illness.

You can leave a gift to Uniting Prahran in a number of ways:

  • by leaving a percentage of your estate
  • by leaving the residue – what is left over after your family and loved ones have been provided for
  • by leaving a specific sum or an asset such as property, shares, or belongings.

Why I have chosen to leave a gift in my Will to Uniting Prahran

FR-Bequest-M Martin pic   Min’s story               Dandelion flower   Sue’s story

Please visit our Uniting Bequest website for more information.


Please note: All enquiries are treated with the strictest confidence.


For over 60 years people have supported Uniting Prahran’s services by volunteering. Every volunteer at Uniting Prahran is highly valued for the integral role they play in working together to provide quality of services.

Why volunteer at Uniting Prahran?

With various volunteering opportunities, Uniting Prahran is able to offer volunteers a unique experience that suits the individual’s interests, skillsets or availability.

Enquiries from corporate and community groups are welcome.

What sort of work do volunteers do?

Here are some examples of where we may need your assistance:

  • Preparing food and serving customers in our community dining room, Hartley’s.
  • Appraising goods, sorting items and serving customers in our Goodwill Shops.
  • Assisting with the logistics of annual events such as the Winter Breakfast Launch.
  • Assisting with various Christmas-related activities.
  • Providing professional consulting advice on specific projects.

How do I volunteer?

Applying to volunteer at Uniting Prahran is easy.

Simply fill out these forms and send by post or email

All Uniting Prahran volunteers must hold a current Working With Children Check. For details on how to apply for a WWC, go to this website, Working With Children.

NOTE: There is no charge to volunteers for this check.

Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to discuss opportunities.

Post to:
Uniting Prahran
Attention: Volunteer Coordinator
PO Box 68
Email to:
9692 9500

View our current Volunteer Opportunities